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2021-06-13Add search definition examplesC. McEnroe
2021-06-13Avoid performing a SEARCH for ALLC. McEnroe
2021-06-13Sort and compress export fetch UIDsC. McEnroe
2021-06-12Compress thread root UID sets with rangesC. McEnroe
2021-06-12Use SEARCH for a subset of thread rootsC. McEnroe
2021-06-11Add margin between header navsC. McEnroe
2021-06-11Generate navigation for search pagesC. McEnroe
2021-06-11Generate arbitrary search pages and feedsC. McEnroe
2021-06-11Generalize index.{atom,html} to search pagesC. McEnroe
2021-06-11Ignore test directoryC. McEnroe
2021-06-11Remove -t truncate flagC. McEnroe
2021-06-10Fix decoding adjacent encoded-wordsC. McEnroe
2021-06-09Limit number of entries in index Atom feedC. McEnroe
2021-06-09Use LDADD variables and BINDIRC. McEnroe
2021-04-26Don't output "0 replies" at all 1.0aC. McEnroe
2021-04-25Fix address group spacingC. McEnroe
2021-04-22Only highlight the direct target message headerC. McEnroe
2021-04-22Handle trailing comments in message IDsC. McEnroe
2021-04-22Don't URL-encode fragment linksC. McEnroe
2021-04-22Fix handling groups in address listsC. McEnroe
2021-04-21Omit HTML nav from nested messagesC. McEnroe
2021-04-11Parse dates in a hopefully more portable fashionC. McEnroe
2021-04-09Remove unnecessary capture group in URL regexC. McEnroe
2021-03-13Exit on getopt failureC. McEnroe
2021-03-08Respect DESTDIR 1.0C. McEnroe
2021-03-08Remove mention of SORT extensionC. McEnroe
2021-03-08Port to LinuxC. McEnroe
2021-03-04Reference "Mailing List" post in READMEC. McEnroe
2021-03-03Remove DEPLOYMENT sectionC. McEnroe
2021-03-03Add -t flag to truncate stdout before writing pathsC. McEnroe
2021-03-03Output updated pathsC. McEnroe
2021-03-03Sandbox with unveil(2) and pledge(2) on OpenBSDC. McEnroe
2021-03-03Target OpenBSDC. McEnroe
2021-03-02Expand READMEC. McEnroe
2021-03-01Generate properly populated reply Cc listsC. McEnroe
2021-01-18Match any non-context diff lines as "head"C. McEnroe
2021-01-18Alphabetize STANDARDS sectionC. McEnroe
2020-12-14Fix MANDIR defaultC. McEnroe
2020-12-11Free threads and envelopes after concatC. McEnroe
2020-12-11Add -i to idleC. McEnroe
2020-12-11Add imapIdleC. McEnroe
2020-12-09Add FILES section to READMEC. McEnroe
2020-12-08Handle mail with no trailing newline correctlyC. McEnroe
2020-12-07Condense getservinfo and bounds checkC. McEnroe
2020-12-07Remove RCODE and ANCOUNT checkC. McEnroe
2020-12-07Correctly handle . in nameStringC. McEnroe
2020-12-07Remove use of AI_DEFAULTC. McEnroe
2020-12-04Infer hostname from usernameC. McEnroe
2020-12-04Add DNS and SRV RFCs to STANDARDSC. McEnroe
2020-12-04Add -lresolv on macOSC. McEnroe