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2021-11-22Add SorrowlandC. McEnroe
2021-11-13Add My Pal Foot FootC. McEnroe
2021-11-03Update my little description of myselfC. McEnroe
2021-11-03Add A Psalm for the Wild-BuiltC. McEnroe
2021-10-30Publish "Names"C. McEnroe
2021-10-29Add PiranesiC. McEnroe
2021-10-25Bounds check color indexesC. McEnroe
2021-10-24Only match first Nm for feedC. McEnroe
2021-10-22Add BerserkC. McEnroe
2021-10-20Only output style attribute if necessaryC. McEnroe
2021-10-20Run shotty after ptee in up -tC. McEnroe
2021-10-20Fix showing cursor with default colorsC. McEnroe
2021-10-20Add entire 256-color palette to shotty -iC. McEnroe
2021-10-20Ignore XTWINOPS in shottyC. McEnroe
2021-10-20Add A Wizard of EarthseaC. McEnroe
2021-10-18Revert "Add shotty -t to animate (crudely) between snapshots"C. McEnroe
2021-10-18Add shotty -t to animate (crudely) between snapshotsC. McEnroe
2021-10-18Add ptee -t to output media copy at an intervalC. McEnroe
2021-10-18Swap functions of ^Q and ^S in pteeC. McEnroe
2021-10-18Add shotty -i to output inline colorsC. McEnroe
2021-10-18Remove leftover scheme.h targetC. McEnroe
2021-10-18Cite and UTF-8C. McEnroe
2021-10-18Skip DECKP* in lexerC. McEnroe
2021-10-18Add meta charset to up -t outputC. McEnroe
2021-10-18Rewrite shotty with lexC. McEnroe
2021-10-17Remove capsicum support from upC. McEnroe
2021-10-15Fix nested Bl-compact CSS rulesC. McEnroe
2021-10-14Add meta viewport tags to bin htmlC. McEnroe
2021-10-13Set bin WEBROOT to /var/wwwC. McEnroe
2021-10-11Add Knee Play 1C. McEnroe
2021-10-04Fix lobsters/tildenews loginC. McEnroe
2021-10-03Limit Atom feed to 20 most recent entriesC. McEnroe
2021-10-03Add EarthlingsC. McEnroe
2021-10-02Just zero mailsize on changemailC. McEnroe
2021-10-02Fix chkmail loop break conditionC. McEnroe
2021-10-02Check sizes of mailboxes, not timesC. McEnroe
2021-10-02Replace filter shell scripts with C programC. McEnroe
2021-10-01Add htagml -m to rename main tagC. McEnroe
2021-10-01Remove igpC. McEnroe
2021-10-01Change default WEBROOTs to /var/wwwC. McEnroe
2021-10-01Remove planC. McEnroe
2021-09-30Build and copy static binaries to /var/wwwC. McEnroe
2021-09-30Silence owner-info errorC. McEnroe
2021-09-30pledge(2) mtagsC. McEnroe
2021-09-30pledge(2) htagmlC. McEnroe
2021-09-30pledge(2) hilexC. McEnroe
2021-09-29Remove link to gopherC. McEnroe
2021-09-27Invert doas/sudo aliasC. McEnroe
2021-09-26Add pyro to ssh configC. McEnroe
2021-09-27Update dash autoconf/automake filesC. McEnroe