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* Add errors to link.shJune McEnroe2020-06-17
* Unset executable on shell scriptsJune McEnroe2019-08-29
* Shell script style passJune McEnroe2019-07-27
* Port all scripts to shJune McEnroe2018-08-16
* Rename zsh scripts .zshJune McEnroe2017-09-15
* Remove C code from link scriptJune McEnroe2017-09-06
* Rename curtis -> homeJune McEnroe2017-09-06
* Add watch.cJune McEnroe2017-09-05
* Move nethack options to envJune McEnroe2017-08-19
* Remove scala syntax fileJune McEnroe2017-08-17
* Add wakeJune McEnroe2017-08-06
* Add tupJune McEnroe2017-07-31
* Add up, supJune McEnroe2017-07-25
* Add nethackrcJune McEnroe2017-07-23
* Add hnelJune McEnroe2017-07-21
* Add just-about-functional dtch/atchJune McEnroe2017-07-14
* Remove manpager scriptJune McEnroe2017-07-11
* Consolidate pbd, pbcopy, pbpasteJune McEnroe2017-07-04
* Remove tmuxJune McEnroe2017-07-04
* Link Scala syntax fileJune McEnroe2017-06-27
* Add .hushloginJune McEnroe2017-06-10
* Rename to link.shJune McEnroe2017-06-10