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* Remove capsicum support from upC. McEnroe2021-10-17
* Install up to cgi-binC. McEnroe2021-09-25
* Clean up up (ugh) somewhat againC. McEnroe2021-09-25
* Sandbox up on both FreeBSD and OpenBSDC. McEnroe2021-09-25
* Make up build away from FreeBSDC. McEnroe2021-09-23
* Call sandbox in CGI modeC. McEnroe2021-09-22
* Support HTTP PUT in upC. McEnroe2021-09-22
* Install up CGI with mode 700C. McEnroe2020-07-14
* Check that there is upload dataC. McEnroe2020-07-14
* Add CGI upload program for temp.causal.agencyC. McEnroe2020-07-14