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cgit-pinkweb frontend for git

cgit-pink is a fork of cgit. Upstream cgit has long been stagnant, with the vast majority of patches sent to the mailing list going silently ignored, despite their obvious merit in many cases. This fork aims to incorporate a number of existing patches as well as to provide a friendlier place to send new patches. They will, at the very least, get a reply. This fork also aims to make new releases which can hopefully be picked up by package repositories, making it easier for users to run an improved cgit.

  • web interface (CGI) for git repositories, written in C
  • licensed under GPLv2
  • discussions, patches, etc. go to <list+cgit@causal.agency> (archive)
  • real time chat available in #ascii.town on tilde.chat
  • common questions are answered in the faq(7)

  • basic repository browsing (logs, diffs, trees...)
  • caching of generated HTML
  • cloneable URLs (implements dumb HTTP transport)
  • commit feeds (atom format)
  • discovery of git repositories
  • on-the-fly archives for tags and commits
  • plugin support for syntax highlighting
  • side-by-side diffs
  • simple time/author statistics
  • simple virtual hosting support (macro expansion)
  • understands GitWeb project-lists
  • understands gitweb.owner in git config files

  • download current or past releases
  • clone the repo:
    git clone https://git.causal.agency/cgit-pink
  • see the README for build instructions

March 27, 2022 Causal Agency