srcthe repository formerly known as dotfiles 42 hours
a. irc
catgirlIRC client 15 hours
litterboxIRC logger 15 hours
pounceIRC bouncer 3 days
b. email
ftrwip 6 hours
imboxIMAP to mbox 5 weeks
notemapmirror notes to IMAP 2 months
toruscollaborative ASCII art 4 months
play2048 over SSH 4 months
heatmaptorus heatmap 4 months
d. games
wepWindows Entertainment Pack recreations 5 days
cardsCARDS.DLL loader for SDL 4 months
cards.dllCARDS.DLL and related assets 4 months
x. patches
cgitpatches for cgit 3 weeks
testtest repo for cgit patches 6 weeks
y. ports
zlib-man-pagesport of zlib.h comments to mdoc 4 months
z. zzz
minersilly IRC bot 3 weeks
aocAdvent of Code 3 months
streamterminal streaming 4 months