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tag name1.3.0 (d3b59b863c7decca17bc39aa8023fe6f80287aee)
tag date2022-02-13 21:16:44 -0500
tagged byJune McEnroe <june@causal.agency>
tagged objectcommit 44a004809b...
cgit-pink 1.3.0
This is the first release of cgit-pink, a fork of cgit. This release
is based on cgit 1.2.3 and git 2.35.1, and contains the patches
which have been running on git.causal.agency for years:

- Don't show blame for binary blobs
- Show symlink targets in tree listing
- Show subject in commit page title
- Add "this commit" option to switch form
- Improved display in text-based browsers
- Use buffered stdio
- Use owner-filter for repo page headers
- Generate valid Atom feeds
- Show about path in page title
- Remove Lua support

Thanks to Alyssa Ross, Chris Mayo, Eric Wong, Christian Hesse and
Todd Zullinger for (unknowingly) contributing to this release!