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+.Dd August  3, 2020
+.Os "Causal Agency"
+.\" To view this file, run: man ./README.7
+.Nm LibreTLS
+.Nd libtls for OpenSSL
+is a port of
+.Sy libtls
+from LibreSSL
+to OpenSSL.
+.Lk libtls
+a new TLS library, designed to make it easier to write foolproof applications
+.Dc .
+.Sy libtls
+provides an excellent new API,
+but LibreSSL can be difficult to install
+on systems which already use OpenSSL.
+aims to make the
+.Sy libtls
+API more easily and widely available.
+.Ss Releases
+is based on
+.Lk LibreSSL-portable
+releases track LibreSSL releases,
+starting with version 3.2.0.
+If patches must be released
+between LibreSSL releases,
+the letter
+.Sq p
+followed by an increasing digit
+starting from 1
+will be added to the version number.
+release tarballs are available from
+.Lk .
+.Ss Compatibility
+.Sy libtls
+provided by
+is ABI-compatible with the
+.Sy libtls
+provided by the corresponding LibreSSL release.
+The behaviour of
+and LibreSSL
+differs in how the root certificates
+are loaded by default.
+LibreSSL uses a hardcoded path to a CA bundle file,
+uses the default CA locations of OpenSSL,
+which may include a CA directory.
+To restore the behaviour of LibreSSL,
+.Xr tls_config_set_ca_file 3
+with the path returned by
+.Xr tls_default_ca_cert_file 3 .
+All other behaviour should be identical.
+targets the OpenSSL 1.1.1 series.
+.Ss Platform Support
+should work on the same platforms as
+.Lk LibreSSL-portable ,
+though it has not been thoroughly tested
+on platforms other than
+and macOS.
+.Ss License
+.Sy libtls
+consists of all new code
+developed as part of
+.Lk "OpenBSD's preferred license"
+of ISC.
+.Pa compat
+sources are under the 3-clause BSD license
+or the MIT license.
+is not encumbered by the dual-licensing of OpenSSL
+under both the OpenSSL license
+and the original SSLeay license,
+which are incompatible with
+the GNU General Public License.
+When OpenSSL 3.0 is released
+under the Apache 2.0 license,
+software under the GPLv3
+will be able to link against
+and OpenSSL
+without additional permissions.
+To install from a release tarball,
+run the following:
+.Bd -literal -offset indent
+make all
+make install
+To install from a git checkout,
+.Sy autoconf ,
+.Sy automake
+.Sy libtool
+are required.
+Run the following before continuing
+with the steps above:
+.Bd -literal -offset indent
+autoreconf -fi
+is maintained by
+.An June Bug Aq Mt .
+LibreSSL is developed by
+.Lk "The OpenBSD project" .
+.\" To view this file, run: man ./README.7