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tag name3.3.2 (0305c7b8ae3817d582bd1d9d76122080ac4af46b)
tag date2021-04-21 13:09:18 -0400
tagged byJune McEnroe <>
tagged objectcommit 4b0ab84154...
Version 3.3.2
This release is based on LibreSSL 3.3.2:

The relevant changes are copied below:

  * Destroy the mutex in a tls_config object on tls_config_free().

  * Allow setting a keypair on a tls context without specifying the
    private key, and fake it internally in libtls. This removes the
    need for privsep engines like relayd to use bogus keys.

  * Skip the private key check for fake private keys.

  * Move the private key setup from tls_configure_ssl_keypair() to a
    helper function with proper error checking.

  * Change the internal tls_configure_ssl_keypair() function to
    return -1 instead of 1 on failure.

  * Make supported protocols and options for DHE params more prominent
    in tls_config_set_protocols.3.

  * Use tls_set_errorx() on OCSP_basic_verify() failure since the latter
    does not set errno.

A release tarball for this version can be downloaded from: