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2021-11-22Add SorrowlandJune McEnroe
Good, but slow.
2021-11-13Add My Pal Foot FootJune McEnroe
2021-11-03Update my little description of myselfJune McEnroe
lol sorry FreeBSD.
2021-11-03Add A Psalm for the Wild-BuiltJune McEnroe
2021-10-30Publish "Names"June McEnroe
2021-10-29Add PiranesiJune McEnroe
What an interesting one!
2021-10-25Bounds check color indexesJune McEnroe
2021-10-24Only match first Nm for feedJune McEnroe
2021-10-22Add BerserkJune McEnroe
I had reserved this at the library like half a damn year ago after enjoying the anime, just to see if I'd like to read the manga. The answer is not really. Also such a huge and hefty book for so little reading.
2021-10-20Only output style attribute if necessaryJune McEnroe
2021-10-20Run shotty after ptee in up -tJune McEnroe
To avoid shotty warnings for unhandled sequences interfering with the screen.
2021-10-20Fix showing cursor with default colorsJune McEnroe
2021-10-20Add entire 256-color palette to shotty -iJune McEnroe
2021-10-20Ignore XTWINOPS in shottyJune McEnroe
2021-10-20Add A Wizard of EarthseaJune McEnroe
2021-10-18Revert "Add shotty -t to animate (crudely) between snapshots"June McEnroe
This reverts commit 0fc730ec8e058607b05185e1a36b22615ffbae40. It's mostly irrelevant to how shotty actually functions so I think it would be better done externally. Reverting just to keep the dumb JavaScript in history.
2021-10-18Add shotty -t to animate (crudely) between snapshotsJune McEnroe
2021-10-18Add ptee -t to output media copy at an intervalJune McEnroe
2021-10-18Swap functions of ^Q and ^S in pteeJune McEnroe
2021-10-18Add shotty -i to output inline colorsJune McEnroe
2021-10-18Remove leftover scheme.h targetJune McEnroe
2021-10-18Cite and UTF-8June McEnroe
2021-10-18Skip DECKP* in lexerJune McEnroe
2021-10-18Add meta charset to up -t outputJune McEnroe
2021-10-18Rewrite shotty with lexJune McEnroe
So much cleaner!
2021-10-17Remove capsicum support from upJune McEnroe
2021-10-15Fix nested Bl-compact CSS rulesJune McEnroe
2021-10-14Add meta viewport tags to bin htmlJune McEnroe
2021-10-13Set bin WEBROOT to /var/wwwJune McEnroe
2021-10-11Add Knee Play 1June McEnroe
2021-10-04Fix lobsters/tildenews loginJune McEnroe
They started sending links with "&username=june" tacked on after the token. Don't know why since if you load the form with just the token in the URL it still knows your username, and it's not submitted as a hidden field or anything, but whatever.
2021-10-03Limit Atom feed to 20 most recent entriesJune McEnroe
20 is what everyone else seems to do. It's not too large putting them all in right now, but it's infeasible to do forever.
2021-10-03Add EarthlingsJune McEnroe
What the fuck.
2021-10-02Just zero mailsize on changemailJune McEnroe
So that on start (and any time MAIL/MAILPATH change), any non-empty mailboxes will be reported.
2021-10-02Fix chkmail loop break conditionJune McEnroe
padvance_magic() returns -1 when there are no more paths left, not zero.
2021-10-02Check sizes of mailboxes, not timesJune McEnroe
This fixes "you have mail" showing right after checking and deleting mail, resulting in a modified but empty mailbox. Also somehow fixes "you have mail" always showing 3(!) times.
2021-10-02Replace filter shell scripts with C programJune McEnroe
Eliminates the need for a shell inside the chroot, along with cat, mktemp and rm. It's likely a bit faster too.
2021-10-01Add htagml -m to rename main tagJune McEnroe
2021-10-01Remove igpJune McEnroe
I'm not serving gopher anymore.
2021-10-01Change default WEBROOTs to /var/wwwJune McEnroe
2021-10-01Remove planJune McEnroe
I haven't updated it in ages and I don't want to run (unmodified) finger on OpenBSD since it likes to tell everyone your login IP??
2021-09-30Build and copy static binaries to /var/wwwJune McEnroe
Ideally these wouldn't require sh, cat, rm, mktemp.
2021-09-30Silence owner-info errorJune McEnroe
cgit runs in a chroot. It is normal that it cannot look up user info in /etc/passwd.
2021-09-30pledge(2) mtagsJune McEnroe
2021-09-30pledge(2) htagmlJune McEnroe
2021-09-30pledge(2) hilexJune McEnroe
2021-09-29Remove link to gopherJune McEnroe
Migrating things over, I don't think it's worth continuing to serve text over gopher.
2021-09-27Invert doas/sudo aliasJune McEnroe
Gotten a lot more used to running doas!
2021-09-26Add pyro to ssh configJune McEnroe
2021-09-27Update dash autoconf/automake filesJune McEnroe
No idea why it made me do this...