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tag name1.2 (d44ef5150aceb5e16368216938bf41364d930469)
tag date2020-09-10 15:53:37 -0400
tagged byJune McEnroe <>
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Version 1.2
This release includes a rewrite of the line wrapping code to be
independent of ncurses. Since catgirl no longer uses very large ncurses
windows for wrapping and scrolling, memory usage and performance during
save loading and resizing are greatly improved. Memory usage was reduced
by more than half in some cases.

The rewrite also enabled adding some new features: M-p and M-n can now
be used to scroll between highlights, and C-r and C-s can be used to
search the scrollback for the current input.

This release fixes handling NOTICE commands without origins. It is now
possible to connect to EFNet (with the insecure option).

The colon is now preserved when cycling through tab-complete options at
the end of a list of nicks.

Mentions/highlights/pings are now matched case-sensitively.