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masterRequest znc.in/self-message if availableC. McEnroe6 days
1.9acatgirl-1.9a.tar.gz  catgirl-1.9a.zip  C. McEnroe6 weeks
1.9catgirl-1.9.tar.gz  catgirl-1.9.zip  C. McEnroe7 weeks
1.8catgirl-1.8.tar.gz  catgirl-1.8.zip  C. McEnroe4 months
1.7catgirl-1.7.tar.gz  catgirl-1.7.zip  C. McEnroe6 months
1.6catgirl-1.6.tar.gz  catgirl-1.6.zip  C. McEnroe8 months
1.5catgirl-1.5.tar.gz  catgirl-1.5.zip  C. McEnroe8 months
1.4catgirl-1.4.tar.gz  catgirl-1.4.zip  C. McEnroe8 months
1.3catgirl-1.3.tar.gz  catgirl-1.3.zip  C. McEnroe10 months
1.2catgirl-1.2.tar.gz  catgirl-1.2.zip  C. McEnroe13 months
1.1p1catgirl-1.1p1.tar.gz  catgirl-1.1p1.zip  C. McEnroe14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysRequest znc.in/self-message if available HEAD masterC. McEnroe
2021-09-09Correct handling of colons in SASL PLAINC. McEnroe
2021-08-26Match id names case-insensitivelyC. McEnroe
2021-08-25Remove trailing tabC. McEnroe
2021-08-15Handle tags without values 1.9aC. McEnroe
2021-08-09Fix missing include for flock(2)C. McEnroe
2021-08-09Silence maybe uninitialized warningC. McEnroe
2021-07-26Use (bright) red for \com text macro 1.9C. McEnroe
2021-07-20chroot: Avoid passing paths to -sC. McEnroe
2021-07-20FreeBSD: Revert caph_enter(3) call to cap_enter(2)C. McEnroe