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tag name1.5 (e2f526db1a4531076b4c8810f3f8a3982de748c8)
tag date2021-01-17 00:37:00 -0500
tagged byJune McEnroe <>
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Version 1.5 (BONUS WEBISODE)
This release generalizes the ignore/message-filtering feature in two
ways. M-+ can now be used as a counterpart to M-- in order to hide
general events (joins, parts, quits, etc.) or non-highlight messages.
The message visibility threshold (previously ignore toggle) is saved in
the save file. The -I highlight option and /highlight command can be
used to add highlight patterns in the same manner as -i ignore and

Since version 1.4 is still fresh, its release notes are reproduced

This release adds two new commands: /whowas and /setname. The latter
requires server support for the IRCv3 setname capability. The -t trust
option along with the -o flag can now be used to connect to servers with
self-signed certificates.

At long last, the contents of the URL ring are now saved and loaded from
the save file. The -H hash option now takes a second number which can be
used to limit the colors used for nicks and channels. Configuration
files and flags can now be interspersed on the command line, allowing
flags to override options set by prior configuration files.

The /ignore command and -i ignore option now properly split their fields
which prevents false-positives for ignores using "*" in leading fields.
This release also includes several line wrapping fixes and support for
OpenBSD pledge(2) and unveil(2) with -R restrict mode.