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tag name1.6 (8db7f189b72c0fad701691282a3160f99801036d)
tag date2021-02-08 20:29:22 -0500
tagged byJune McEnroe <>
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Version 1.6
This release adds toggleable timestamp display. The -T timestamp
option can be used to enable timestamps by default and set their
format. The M-t key can be used to toggle timestamp display on
individual windows. Along with this is improved UX for reflowing:
changing message visibility thresholds, timestamp display or resizing
the window while scrolled up will preserve scroll position.

This release splits the -R restrict and -K kiosk options. The -R
option is now dedicated to tighter sandboxing, while -K prevents
joining channels and starting queries. The sandboxing code for
OpenBSD has been tightened and improved thanks to Klemens Nanni.

This release also includes several fixes related to message filtering
and a window swapping fix thanks to Jeremy O'Brien. Handling of
configuration and data paths has been tightened up, properly requiring
that paths start with "/", "./" or "../" for absolute and relative
paths. Channels joined automatically with -j no longer reset their
windows' unread counters. The C-z C-v key binding has been added
to insert characters literally.

An example tmux(1) configuration has been contributed by Klemens