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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSkip leading whitespace on prepends and commandsC. McEnroe7 days
1.2catsit-1.2.tar.gz  catsit-1.2.zip  C. McEnroe4 weeks
1.1catsit-1.1.tar.gz  catsit-1.1.zip  C. McEnroe3 months
1.0catsit-1.0.tar.gz  catsit-1.0.zip  C. McEnroe6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysSkip leading whitespace on prepends and commands HEAD masterC. McEnroe
7 daysOnly prepend exec if command line doesn't contain ;&|()C. McEnroe
7 daysExit with EX_TEMPFAIL when watching filesC. McEnroe
9 daysAdd -d flag to catsit-watchC. McEnroe
9 daysAdd -a to catsit-watchC. McEnroe
11 daysAdd catsit-timer utilityC. McEnroe
11 daysAdd catsit-watch utilityC. McEnroe
2021-02-01Drop pledge privileges after daemonization 1.2C. McEnroe
2021-02-01Remove use of "%n"C. McEnroe
2021-02-01Check signals first in the loopC. McEnroe