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masterShow /var/log/messages after catsit commandC. McEnroe4 months
1.4catsit-1.4.tar.gz  catsit-1.4.zip  C. McEnroe4 months
1.3catsit-1.3.tar.gz  catsit-1.3.zip  C. McEnroe11 months
1.2catsit-1.2.tar.gz  catsit-1.2.zip  C. McEnroe12 months
1.1catsit-1.1.tar.gz  catsit-1.1.zip  C. McEnroe13 months
1.0catsit-1.0.tar.gz  catsit-1.0.zip  C. McEnroe17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-09-28Show /var/log/messages after catsit command HEAD 1.4 masterC. McEnroe
2021-09-28Refer to glob(7)C. McEnroe
2021-09-28Allow backslash line continuation in catsit.confC. McEnroe
2021-09-26Allocate pollfd array rather than using a VLAC. McEnroe
2021-09-26Use reallocarray(3)C. McEnroe
2021-09-26Don't parse config until after daemonizationC. McEnroe
2021-09-26OpenBSD: Simplify pledge(2) and unveil(2) strategyC. McEnroe
2021-09-25Fix inverted exec prepend logicC. McEnroe
2021-05-19Remove freenodeC. McEnroe
2021-03-01Skip leading whitespace on prepends and commands 1.3C. McEnroe