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CATSIT(8) System Manager's Manual CATSIT(8)

catsitcatsitd control

catsit [-q] [-c control] start|stop|restart|status|drop|signal service ...

The catsit utility controls the services managed by the catsitd(8) daemon. It does so by writing the remainder of its command line to a named pipe.

Communication with catsitd(8) is unidirectional. The daemon logs any feedback with syslog. The catsit utility waits a tenth of a second after sending the command then shows recent messages from catsitd(8) in /var/log/messages.

The arguments are as follows:

Set the path of the named pipe.
Do not show /var/log/messages.
Start any matching services which are not already started. Services scheduled for automatic restart are started immediately but their restart intervals are not reset.
Stop any matching services which are not already stopped. Processes are stopped using the TERM signal.
Restart any matching services. Started services will be stopped and started again. Stopped services will be started. Services scheduled for automatic restart will be started immediately and their restart intervals will be reset.
Log the current status of any matching services.
Drop any matching stopped services from the services list.
Send the named signal to the processes of any matching started services. Signal names are case-insensitive.
service ...
The list of services to operate on, using shell-style pattern matching as in glob(7). Patterns must be quoted to be interpreted by catsitd(8) rather than the shell. Each service name pattern is operated on in order, but services matched by each pattern are in unspecified order.

The path of the named pipe. The -c flag overrides this variable.

The default path of the named pipe.

catsit restart pounce/tilde
catsit INFO 'pounce/*'


June McEnroe <june@causal.agency>

September 28, 2021 OpenBSD 7.1