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CATSIT.CONF(5) File Formats Manual CATSIT.CONF(5)

catsit.confcatsitd services list

The catsit.conf file lists the services managed by the catsitd(8) daemon. Leading whitespace is ignored. The current line can be extended over multiple lines using a backslash (‘\’). Each line of the file is one of the following:
comment ...
Lines beinning with ‘#’ as well as blank lines are ignored.
command ...
Lines beginning with ‘%’ add shell commands to be executed before each of the service commands. These commands are executed in the order they appear in the file, for all services. These lines can be used to set shell or environment variables to be expanded in service command lines or used by the service processes.
service command ...
All other lines define services. The service name is separated from its command line by whitespace. The rest of the line after the service name is executed using the shell. The shell variable $0 is set to the name of the service. If the command line does not contain the characters ‘;&|()’ it is prepended by exec when passed to the shell.
@service command ...
Service names beginning with ‘@’ define services, which are started with the same user and group as catsitd(8). This can be used for services which drop their own privileges or which call chroot(2).

# Setting environment variables:
% export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

# Expanding command lines with variables:
% socks=/var/run/calico
calico	calico -H irc.example.org $socks
pounce	pounce -U $socks pounce.conf

# Templating command lines using service names:
pounce/tilde	pounce ${0#*/}.conf
pounce/libera	pounce ${0#*/}.conf

# Privileged services:
@scooper	kfcgi -d -U $USER -p ~/.local -- \
		/bin/scooper /share/litterbox/litterbox.sqlite

catsit-timer(1), catsit-watch(1), catsitd(8)

June McEnroe <june@causal.agency>

September 28, 2021 OpenBSD 7.1