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masterUpdate to Linux man-pages 6.03Štěpán Němec8 months
2063.93exman-2063.93.tar.gz  exman-2063.93.zip  Štěpán Němec8 months
2063.91exman-2063.91.tar.gz  exman-2063.91.zip  Štěpán Němec11 months
2063.9exman-2063.9.tar.gz  exman-2063.9.zip  June McEnroe11 months
2063.8exman-2063.8.tar.gz  exman-2063.8.zip  Štěpán Němec12 months
2062.83exman-2062.83.tar.gz  exman-2062.83.zip  June McEnroe14 months
2062.73exman-2062.73.tar.gz  exman-2062.73.zip  June McEnroe17 months
2062.63exman-2062.63.tar.gz  exman-2062.63.zip  June McEnroe24 months
2062.53exman-2062.53.tar.gz  exman-2062.53.zip  Štěpán Němec2 years
2062.52exman-2062.52.tar.gz  exman-2062.52.zip  June McEnroe2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-02-13Update to Linux man-pages 6.03 HEAD 2063.93 masterŠtěpán Němec
2023-02-13Update to Linux man-pages 6.02Štěpán Němec
2022-11-01Update to Linux man-pages 6.01 2063.91Štěpán Němec
2022-10-21Update to OpenBSD 7.2 2063.9June McEnroe
2022-10-16NetBSD: include text.tar.xz man pages 2063.8Štěpán Němec
2022-10-16Update to Linux man-mages 6.00Štěpán Němec
2022-10-16Update to NetBSD 9.3Štěpán Němec
2022-09-18Make copyrights and AUTHORS consistentJune McEnroe
2022-07-27Update to FreeBSD 13.1 2062.83June McEnroe
2022-07-27openbsd: Include man pages from baseXX.tgzKeith Whitney