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masterMake copyrights and AUTHORS consistentJune McEnroe9 days
2062.83exman-2062.83.tar.gz  exman-2062.83.zip  June McEnroe2 months
2062.73exman-2062.73.tar.gz  exman-2062.73.zip  June McEnroe5 months
2062.63exman-2062.63.tar.gz  exman-2062.63.zip  June McEnroe11 months
2062.53exman-2062.53.tar.gz  exman-2062.53.zip  Štěpán Němec13 months
2062.52exman-2062.52.tar.gz  exman-2062.52.zip  June McEnroe13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 daysMake copyrights and AUTHORS consistent HEAD masterJune McEnroe
2022-07-27Update to FreeBSD 13.1 2062.83June McEnroe
2022-07-27openbsd: Include man pages from baseXX.tgzKeith Whitney
2022-05-08Update to OpenBSD 7.1 2062.73June McEnroe
2021-10-15Update to OpenBSD 7.0 2062.63June McEnroe
2021-08-29Update to Linux man-pages 5.13 2062.53Štěpán Němec
2021-08-26Update to NetBSD 9.2 2062.52June McEnroe
2021-08-26Support DESTDIR in install/uninstallJune McEnroe
2021-08-26Add version number generatorJune McEnroe
2021-08-22Add ISC license headerJune McEnroe