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KITD(8) System Manager's Manual KITD(8)

kitdprocess supervisor

kitd [-d] [-c cooloff] [-m maximum] [-n name] [-t restart] command ...

The kitd daemon supervises a child process, redirecting its standard output and standard error to syslog(3). When the child process exits, it is automatically restarted using exponential backoff.

The options are as follows:

The interval for which the child process must live before the restart interval is reset to its initial value.

The interval may have a suffix of , m, or d for seconds, minutes, hours or days, respectively. Otherwise, the interval is in milliseconds.

The default cooloff interval is .

Do not daemonize. Log to standard error as well as syslog(3).
The maximum interval between restarts.

The interval is interpreted as with -c. The default maximum interval is .

Set the name of the process and the logging prefix. The default is the last path component of command.
The initial interval between restarts. This interval is doubled each time the child process is restarted.

The interval is interpreted as with -c. The default restart interval is .

kitd responds to the following signals:

The signal is forwarded to the child process. kitd exits.
The status of the child process is logged.
| |
The signal is forwarded to the child process.

To set up supervisors for pounce(1):

# ln -s kitd /etc/rc.d/pounce_tilde
# ln -s kitd /etc/rc.d/pounce_libera
# rcctl enable pounce_tilde pounce_libera
# rcctl set pounce_tilde user _pounce
# rcctl set pounce_tilde flags pounce -h irc.tilde.chat defaults.conf
# rcctl set pounce_libera user _pounce
# rcctl set pounce_libera flags pounce -h irc.libera.chat defaults.conf
# rcctl start pounce_tilde pounce_libera

June McEnroe <june@causal.agency>

October 10, 2023 OpenBSD 7.4