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es?id=081a1f9003666feb512d1253cfb3fe0d6c3b9b63&follow=1'>Bump xterm font size to 12June McEnroe 2022-06-10Handle subshells (and functions) inside substitutionsJune McEnroe 2022-06-10Switch to jorts Install scriptJune McEnroe 2022-06-08Indicate if still reading or no resultsJune McEnroe 2022-06-08Add Maiden, Mother, CroneJune McEnroe 2022-06-05FIRST SHOW IN 2.5 YEARS BABEY!!!June McEnroe 2022-06-03Set line number on File linesJune McEnroe 2022-06-03Stop polling stdin after EOFJune McEnroe 2022-06-02Set TABSIZE=4June McEnroe 2022-06-02Do basic match highlightingJune McEnroe 2022-06-02Clean up parsing a littleJune McEnroe 2022-06-02Don't duplicate path stringJune McEnroe 2022-06-02Use stderr instead of /dev/tty, realloc buffer if lines too longJune McEnroe 2022-06-02Add initial working version of qfJune McEnroe 2022-05-29Set prompt for okshJune McEnroe