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tag name1.8 (67b66870b79794390345772e54a9c7f3dab147cb)
tag date2021-05-26 10:29:20 -0400
tagged byC. McEnroe <june@causal.agency>
tagged objectcommit f9e45b9d34...
litterbox 1.8
This release adds the scoop -r and -i flags, to output the results
in reverse orrder and to use case-insensitive regular expression
matching with -m, respectively. The -L flag now causes dates passed
to the -D, -a and -b flags to be interpreted as local time. The -t
flag can now match multiple types.

litterbox now supports the -t trust option also present in pounce
and catgirl for connecting to servers with self-signed certificates.
The performance of the litterbox query interface (along with scoop
-l) has been greatly improved. STATUSMSG prefixes are now ignored.
Interpretation of configuration paths is more strict.

The unscoop plain text log import tool can now import logs from
WeeChat and ZNC.

No changes have been made to the database format.

The default MANDIR has changed to ${PREFIX}/man. If this is no
longer correct for your system, run ./configure with --mandir= set

The litterbox IRC channel is now #ascii.town on irc.tilde.chat.