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masterTighten action handlingC. McEnroe5 weeks
1.8litterbox-1.8.tar.gz  litterbox-1.8.zip  C. McEnroe8 weeks
1.7litterbox-1.7.tar.gz  litterbox-1.7.zip  C. McEnroe6 months
1.6litterbox-1.6.tar.gz  litterbox-1.6.zip  C. McEnroe10 months
1.5litterbox-1.5.tar.gz  litterbox-1.5.zip  C. McEnroe11 months
1.4p1litterbox-1.4p1.tar.gz  litterbox-1.4p1.zip  C. McEnroe12 months
1.4litterbox-1.4.tar.gz  litterbox-1.4.zip  C. McEnroe12 months
1.3litterbox-1.3.tar.gz  litterbox-1.3.zip  C. McEnroe14 months
1.2p1litterbox-1.2p1.tar.gz  litterbox-1.2p1.zip  C. McEnroe15 months
1.2litterbox-1.2.tar.gz  litterbox-1.2.zip  C. McEnroe16 months
1.1litterbox-1.1.tar.gz  litterbox-1.1.zip  C. McEnroe17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-06-20Tighten action handling HEAD masterC. McEnroe
2021-05-19Fix MOTD buffer reallocation 1.8C. McEnroe
2021-05-19Replace freenode with tilde.chatC. McEnroe
2021-05-18Match weechat query noticesC. McEnroe
2021-05-18Interpret weechat and znc timestamps as local timeC. McEnroe
2021-05-18Add weechat format to unscoopC. McEnroe
2021-05-18Mention unscoop, Liberapay in READMEC. McEnroe
2021-05-18Add scoop -i flag for case-insensitive regexpC. McEnroe
2021-05-17Add znc format to unscoopC. McEnroe
2021-05-17Clean up manualsC. McEnroe