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masterRemove capsicum supportC. McEnroe8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-10-17Remove capsicum support HEAD masterC. McEnroe
2021-10-15Retry getch() after ERRC. McEnroe
2021-10-15Build chroot only on OpenBSDC. McEnroe
2021-09-30Handle KEY_BACKSPACE in freecellC. McEnroe
2021-09-28Add news of freecell mouse support to menuC. McEnroe
2021-09-28Add mouse support to freecellC. McEnroe
2021-09-28Add direct game selection tip to menuC. McEnroe
2021-09-27Extract chroot.tar with -pC. McEnroe
2021-09-26OpenBSD: Copy appropriate files for chrootC. McEnroe
2021-09-26Link with -lncurseswC. McEnroe