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masterUpdate git URLC. McEnroe5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-12-15Update git URLHEADmasterC. McEnroe
2019-07-28Use braces in MakefileC. McEnroe
2019-05-26Clear the screen between weekly and top boardsC. McEnroe
2019-05-25Add weekly scoreboardC. McEnroe
2019-05-25Refactor scoreboard formattingC. McEnroe
2019-05-23Prevent blank name fieldsC. McEnroe
2019-05-23Open path given to -t read-onlyC. McEnroe
2019-05-23Add -t option to print scores as textC. McEnroe
2018-12-31Add game over checkC. McEnroe
2018-12-31Ignore root and chroot.tarC. McEnroe