tag name1.1 (f674ade8e7ddda072b8e8a01a6eb00ba21aec532)
tag date2020-01-17 23:51:48 -0500
tagged byC. McEnroe <june@causal.agency>
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Version 1.1
Adds certificate authority-based client authentication with -A (local-ca) and allows generating signed certificates with -g. The following configuration options have been renamed. The previous names are deprecated but not yet removed. cert -> local-cert (-C) priv -> local-priv (-K) bind-host -> local-host (-H) bind-port -> local-port (-P) bind-path -> local-path (-U) client-pass -> local-pass (-W) The following command line flags have been renamed: -A -> -a (away) -Q -> -q (quit) The vendor capability causal.agency/passive can now be used as an alternative to hyphen-prefixed usernames. Certificates generated by pounce are now set to expire in 10 years.