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masterUse seprintf to build final 005C. McEnroe2 weeks
2.4pounce-2.4.tar.gz  pounce-2.4.zip  C. McEnroe8 weeks
2.3pounce-2.3.tar.gz  pounce-2.3.zip  C. McEnroe5 months
2.2pounce-2.2.tar.gz  pounce-2.2.zip  C. McEnroe6 months
2.1p1pounce-2.1p1.tar.gz  pounce-2.1p1.zip  C. McEnroe8 months
2.1pounce-2.1.tar.gz  pounce-2.1.zip  C. McEnroe8 months
2.0pounce-2.0.tar.gz  pounce-2.0.zip  C. McEnroe10 months
1.4p2pounce-1.4p2.tar.gz  pounce-1.4p2.zip  C. McEnroe11 months
1.4p1pounce-1.4p1.tar.gz  pounce-1.4p1.zip  C. McEnroe11 months
1.4pounce-1.4.tar.gz  pounce-1.4.zip  C. McEnroe12 months
1.3p1pounce-1.3p1.tar.gz  pounce-1.3p1.zip  C. McEnroe13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-08Use seprintf to build final 005 HEAD masterC. McEnroe
2021-06-19Fix LDADD.crypt on DarwinC. McEnroe
2021-06-18Add -m mode option to set user modesC. McEnroe
2021-06-18Document channel keys in join optionC. McEnroe
2021-06-18Use | to separate flags from config optionsC. McEnroe
2021-06-18Stop referring to server-time as IRCv3.2C. McEnroe
2021-06-17Add mailing list archive to READMEC. McEnroe
2021-06-10Stop accumulating ISUPPORT tokens once MOTD startsC. McEnroe
2021-06-09Use seprintf for snip, removing strlcpynC. McEnroe
2021-06-09Use seprintf for reserializeC. McEnroe