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tag name1.3 (fb98ceaf0528594c5d1b06bc8e6013f8fe36475e)
tag date2020-05-20 17:19:14 -0400
tagged byC. McEnroe <june@causal.agency>
tagged objectcommit 0cf277f17f...
Version 1.3
This release adds a server send queue with time interval for automated
messages sent by pounce such as NAMES and AWAY. This addresses the
problem of pounce getting itself killed with "excess flood" by the IRC
server when it tries to send NAMES for too many channels when a client
connects. The -N / no-names option is no longer necessary to prevent
this. The interval can be configured with -Q / queue-interval.

This release also enables TCP keepalive with an idle time of 15 minutes.
Since pounce swallows PING messages from the IRC server, client
connections can remain idle for quite some time on quiet networks.
Enabling keepalives may prevent them from otherwise being dropped.

The configure script is no longer used on FreeBSD, and rc scripts are
now templated with PREFIX.

When upgrading, config.mk should be removed on FreeBSD and ./configure
should be re-run elsewhere.