tag name2.0 (8c5aaf6fc379f027afabb98f2af19e208f66f931)
tag date2020-09-09 16:07:36 -0400
tagged byC. McEnroe <june@causal.agency>
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Version 2.0
pounce now uses XDG base directories to find configuration files and to write save files. This means that by default pounce will search for configuration files, certificates and private keys in ~/.config/pounce and will read and write save files to ~/.local/share/pounce. If currently using relative paths for save files, and the paths reside on the same filesystem as ~/.local/share/pounce, the existing files can be moved while pounce is running without issue. Otherwise, pounce must be stopped, the save files moved, then pounce can be restarted. This release introduces support for OpenBSD, where pounce and calico are sandboxed using pledge(2) and unveil(2). This release introduces the -L / palaver option to enable the palaverapp.com capability and the pounce-palaver component located in contrib/palaver to provide push notifications for the Palaver IRC app. pounce no longer depends on libcrypto, making it easier to build against alternative libtls implementations. The deprecated option names client-ca, cert, bind-host, priv, bind-port, bind-path, client-pass have been removed. The rc script for FreeBSD has been removed. The catsit[1] process supervisor is now the recommended way to run pounce, calico and pounce-palaver on FreeBSD and OpenBSD. [1]: https://git.causal.agency/catsit/