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tag name2.4 (e8d30b293067cb8e40072ac698f897b3c176e13e)
tag date2021-05-27 13:06:08 -0400
tagged byJune McEnroe <>
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pounce 2.4
This release fixes the join option for compatibility and allows
using channel keys.

The default MANDIR has changed to ${PREFIX}/man. If this is no
longer correct for your system, run ./configure with --mandir= set
appropriately or set MANDIR in the environment.

Notes on connecting pounce with particular networks and clients are
documented in the QUIRKS.7 file.

The pounce IRC channel is now on

The pounce-palaver utility has moved to the extra/palaver directory.
This release adds the -s flag to match the nick and keywords
case-sensitively. Badge counts are now tracked per connection.

This release adds the pounce-notify utility in the extra/notify
directory. This can be used to run an arbitrary command to provide
notifications for a pounce instance.