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tag name3.0 (4f24a1fbee9d1098309508fe1160b19eb2d0a338)
tag date2021-10-15 23:13:22 -0400
tagged byJune McEnroe <>
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pounce 3.0
This release changes the default paths for local-cert and local-priv
to host.pem and host.key, respectively, where host is set by
local-host. These files are searched for in the same manner as other
configuration files.

Verbose logging now goes to standard output and uses different line
prefixes rather than colors to distinguish messages, allowing it
to be written to a file. pounce now sends PING commands to clients
when idle roughly every 15 minutes in order to keep connections
alive. TCP keepalive is no longer configured.

Documentation was (hopefully) improved by splitting options into
sections and always referring to their long forms.

FreeBSD capsicum(4) support has been dropped due to the required
code complexity and workarounds.

This release was supported by donations made to
<>. Thank you!