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masterAdd .editrc to set vi bindingsC. McEnroe3 hours
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3 hoursAdd .editrc to set vi bindingsHEADmasterC. McEnroe
3 hoursLink to git. from bin htmlC. McEnroe
3 hoursLink to git. from causal.agencyC. McEnroe
5 hoursSet ssh port for git.causal.agencyC. McEnroe
18 hoursAdd option to default to text in hiC. McEnroe
19 hoursMatch .profile and .shrc as shell in hiC. McEnroe
3 daysAdd Exit StrategyC. McEnroe
4 daysAdd a few more notes about librariesC. McEnroe
4 daysPost "Some Libraries"C. McEnroe
5 daysDocument diff input language in hiC. McEnroe