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masterOptionally compress RFCs, decompress in rfc(1)C. McEnroe2 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysOptionally compress RFCs, decompress in rfc(1) HEAD masterC. McEnroe
2 daysRemove rfc.vimC. McEnroe
3 daysPublish "Mailing List"C. McEnroe
7 daysAdd cwm bindings for tilingC. McEnroe
9 daysMove LESS_TERMCAP settings to .shrcC. McEnroe
9 daysRevert "Lower sctd temperature"C. McEnroe
10 daysMake mktemp -t compatible with OpenBSDC. McEnroe
10 daysLower sctd temperatureC. McEnroe
11 daysAdd feed reader for IMAP to planC. McEnroe
11 daysAdd mailist, liberapay to indexC. McEnroe