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+.Dd November 14, 2022
+.Os "Causal Agency"
+.Nm Sound Memory
+.Nd associations
+.Ss Talking Heads \(em "Remain In Light"
+The first time I gave this album a serious listen
+was when I was going for several-hour walks
+at 4 in the morning in,
+I think,
+fall 2020.
+I would stay up all night,
+go out walking at 4am
+for a couple hours,
+come home,
+.Dq breakfast
+and go to sleep.
+I listened to this album
+walking on completely empty
+big city streets
+in the dark.
+.Ss Buffy Sainte-Marie \(em Up Where We Belong
+I started listening to this album
+after hearing it many mornings
+walking into the cafe on my block
+back in 2019.
+I could tell Vincent was working
+if I heard this when I opened the door.
+.Ss Molasses \(em Trilogie: Toil & Peaceful Life
+I listened to this when I had 8am classes
+in CEGEP.
+In particular my first semester philosophy course,
+which was in the forum.
+I usually got there even earlier
+because of how the bus schedules worked out.
+There was another girl in my class,
+who I always sat next to,
+who also got there early,
+but we never spoke outside of class.
+.Ss Arcade Fire \(em Funeral
+This album just feels like walking outside
+in fresh snow in early winter,
+you know?
+.Ss Molasses \(em Trouble at Jinx Hotel
+I listened to this when I was looking for an apartment.
+I specifically remember listening to it
+walking down Clark toward my new place
+to pick up my keys.
+.Ss Arcade Fire \(em Neon Bible
+The song
+.Dq "No Cars Go"
+is strongly associated for me
+with my earliest gender feelings.
+It's how I date when I first
+started to feel like something was wrong.
+The Suburbs was released in 2010,
+so I was probably listening to Neon Bible
+in 2011.
+Ten years between that
+and coming out.
+.Ss "Do Make Say Think" \(em "You You're a History In Rust"
+I remember hearing
+.Dq "A Tender History In Rust"
+for the first time
+at the office of my first job.
+Me and my coworkers stayed late,
+probably on a Friday night,
+drinking free tech startup booze.
+.Ss mewithoutYou \(em It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright
+I exclusively listened to this album
+on a high school trip to Europe.
+Every morning when we got on the bus,
+I heard
+.Dq Every Thought a Thought of You
+and every night before bed
+I listened to
+.Dq The King Beetle on a Coconut Estate .
+.Ss Arcade Fire \(em The Suburbs
+I listened to this album a tonne
+when I was playing
+Minecraft and Urban Terror
+with my online friends
+while I was in high school.
+In particular I remember
+a backyard shed World of Padman map
+and the apartments Minecraft world.
+.Ss Arcade Fire \(em Reflektor
+I associate
+.Dq Afterlife
+with the walk between Laurier metro
+and my first job,
+in the winter.
+Must've just been how the timing worked out
+with my commute at the time.
+.Ss Swans \(em To Be Kind
+I listened to this on one of my playthroughs
+of Half-Life 2.
+In particular I associate
+.Dq Bring the Sun / Toussaint L'Ouverture
+with the Water Hazard chapter.
+.Ss Wrekmeister Harmonies \(em Light Falls
+For a while I put this on whenever I
+left my apartment to go somewhere
+and it was already dark,
+so probably winter.
+.Ss St. Vincent \(em MASSEDUCTION
+along with the next one,
+I think were all I listened to
+on a family vacation
+to Quebec City and New Brunswick
+some years ago.
+.Ss SOPHIE \(em Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides
+Many hours on the road
+on that family vacation.
+Two albums on repeat.
+.Ss Julia Holter \(em Aviary
+This is another album
+I listened to when I was taking
+walks at 4am.
+I wasn't in a good place.
+.Ss Beep Test \(em Laugh Track
+A tape from the first act
+at one of my favourite shows
+I've ever been to,
+at La Sotterenea
+in Suoni 2019.
+I wish I had been out already.
+.Ss The Armed \(em Only Love
+The third of the albums I listened to
+on those dark walks.
+I listened to it loud,
+this album's mixing needs it.
+.Ss Eliza Kavtion \(em The Rez That Summer
+A favourite local artist.
+I remember vividly the first time
+I heard her play,
+opening for Wrekmeister Harmonies
+at La Vitrola in 2018.
+.An june Aq Mt
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