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 And of course,
 patches are always welcome.
+.Ss Update: scooper
+Somehow I had the motivation
+to create a web interface for litterbox:
+.Xr scooper 1 .
+It can be used either as CGI
+or as a FastCGI worker,
+and I used the excellent
+.Xr kcgi 3
+library for it.
+The main advantage of this interface
+is that you can click on a search result
+to be brought to its context in the log viewer.
+I also added an option to
+.Xr litterbox 1
+to provide a corresponding scooper link
+in response to its query interface.
+A small demo of scooper is hosted at
+.Aq Lk "" .
+It publicly logs the
+.Li #litterbox
+channel on freenode.
 .Bl -item -compact
@@ -373,6 +399,10 @@ patches are always welcome.
 .Lk "" catgirl
 .Lk "" "SQLite FTS5 Extension"
+.Lk "" scooper
+.Lk "" kcgi