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* Add meta viewport tags to bin htmlC. McEnroe2021-10-14
* Clean up html.shC. McEnroe2021-01-13
* Shorten hilex class namesC. McEnroe2021-01-13
* Use hilex for bin HTMLC. McEnroe2021-01-12
* Render tag index in HTMLC. McEnroe2021-01-12
* List both Makefile and html.sh under README.7C. McEnroe2021-01-12
* Use mandoc and htagml for bin htmlC. McEnroe2021-01-12
* Add bibsortC. McEnroe2020-12-15
* Use scheme for bin htmlC. McEnroe2020-08-23
* Link to git. from bin htmlC. McEnroe2019-12-15
* Shell script style passC. McEnroe2019-07-27
* Revert "Use scheme to style HTMLs"C. McEnroe2019-07-27
* Use scheme to style HTMLsC. McEnroe2019-07-25
* Delete extraneous <pre> in html.shC. McEnroe2019-02-27
* Use $PWD in html.sh to pass absolute path to manC. McEnroe2019-02-20
* Factor out html.sh and produce html for all sourcesC. McEnroe2019-02-20