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* Fix crash trying to print "this commit" on 404sC. McEnroe9 days
* Use owner-filter for repo page headersC. McEnroe2021-02-04
* Remove Lua supportC. McEnroe2021-01-20
* Fix tests for diff spansC. McEnroe2021-01-20
* Use <pre> and <span> to print diffsC. McEnroe2021-01-17
* Ignore cgit/gitC. McEnroe2021-01-17
* Link to causal.agency cgit from footerC. McEnroe2021-01-17
* Use buffered stdioEric Wong2021-01-17
* Remove redundant title on repo anchorsChris Mayo2021-01-17
* Improve button spacing for browsers w/o CSSEric Wong2021-01-17
* Improve decoration display for browsers without CSSEric Wong2021-01-17
* Use <pre> for commit-msgEric Wong2021-01-17
* Improve pageheader display on text-based browsersEric Wong2021-01-17
* Use git raw note formatChris Mayo2021-01-17
* Add "this commit" option to switch formAlyssa Ross2020-12-27
* Show subject in commit page titleC. McEnroe2020-12-27
* Show symlink targets in tree listingC. McEnroe2020-12-27
* Disallow blame in robots.txtC. McEnroe2020-12-27
* Don't link to blame for binary blobsC. McEnroe2020-12-27
* Bail from blame if blob is binaryC. McEnroe2020-12-27
* Remove dependency on memrchrC. McEnroe2020-12-27
* Remove cgit/git submoduleC. McEnroe2020-12-27
* Merge commit '6169012d588458b9dbbbea56528d5e3669596c80' as 'www/git.causal.ag...C. McEnroe2020-12-27