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* Remove READMEHEADmasterC. McEnroe2019-12-19
* Update git URLsC. McEnroe2019-12-15
* Add buymeacoffee linkC. McEnroe2019-08-05
* Use braces in MakefileC. McEnroe2019-07-27
* Make copyright headers consistentC. McEnroe2019-07-27
* Remove NetHack from indexC. McEnroe2019-07-08
* Don't install rc.kfcgi eitherC. McEnroe2019-04-08
* Remove rc.kfcgiC. McEnroe2019-03-28
* Reformat index.html with explore linkC. McEnroe2019-01-16
* Return false from keydown handler in exploreC. McEnroe2019-01-16
* Draw lines to tile edgeC. McEnroe2019-01-08
* Factor out default pathsC. McEnroe2019-01-08
* Remove incorrect default coordinatesC. McEnroe2019-01-08
* Set img src when explore fragment changesC. McEnroe2019-01-07
* Compress PNG data in imageC. McEnroe2019-01-07
* madvise MADV_NOCORE in imageC. McEnroe2019-01-07
* Add license notice to explore JavaScriptC. McEnroe2019-01-07
* Add Q/Home binding in exploreC. McEnroe2019-01-07
* Fix explore image URLC. McEnroe2019-01-07
* Add HOME button, ssh link, AGPL notice to exploreC. McEnroe2019-01-07
* Add meta viewport to exploreC. McEnroe2019-01-06
* Set background and max-width in exploreC. McEnroe2019-01-06
* Swallow writes after the connection is closedC. McEnroe2019-01-06
* Handle KCGI_HUPC. McEnroe2019-01-06
* Install html filesC. McEnroe2019-01-06
* Add explore.htmlC. McEnroe2019-01-06
* Use req.fieldmapC. McEnroe2019-01-06
* Add kfcgi rc fileC. McEnroe2019-01-06
* Add image and font to chrootC. McEnroe2019-01-06
* Add kcgi support to imageC. McEnroe2019-01-06
* Add cap_rights_limit calls to client and serverC. McEnroe2019-01-04
* Add play to index.htmlcgiC. McEnroe2019-01-04
* Merge branch 'backport'C. McEnroe2019-01-04
| * Re-create help pagebackportC. McEnroe2019-01-04
| * Add teleportationC. McEnroe2019-01-04
| * Add simplified speed controlC. McEnroe2019-01-04
| * Add indicator of current position in mapC. McEnroe2019-01-04
| * Disable flipC. McEnroe2019-01-04
| * Fix map generation for old metadata discrepanciesC. McEnroe2019-01-04
| * Restore old data formatC. McEnroe2019-01-04
* Call cap_enter in client and serverv2C. McEnroe2018-11-29
* Fix make cleanC. McEnroe2018-11-29
* Use png.h and config.mkC. McEnroe2018-11-29
* Fix Makefile indentationC. McEnroe2018-10-20
* Add install targetC. McEnroe2018-10-20
* Add rc.torusC. McEnroe2018-10-20
* Only use pidfile(3) on FreeBSDdaemonC. McEnroe2018-10-20
* Add server daemonizationC. McEnroe2018-10-14
* Replace torus.7 with torus.1C. McEnroe2018-10-12
* Add -s flag to clientC. McEnroe2018-10-12