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masterFill in some Info.plist fieldsJune McEnroe34 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
34 hoursFill in some Info.plist fields HEAD masterJune McEnroe
35 hoursUpscale icons for macOSJune McEnroe
36 hoursAdd icons to Windows and macOS appsJune McEnroe
40 hoursAccount for ICOs lying about bpp, drop BITMAPCOREHEADERJune McEnroe
41 hoursAdd ico2png converterJune McEnroe
45 hoursAllow screensaver/sleepJune McEnroe
2 daysOnly open the ICO file once we have something to outputJune McEnroe
2 daysFix size of padding counterJune McEnroe
2 daysAdd exe2ico extractorJune McEnroe
3 daysEnable ctrl-click right-click emulation in freecellJune McEnroe