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masterAllow choosing freecell game on command lineC. McEnroe13 months
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2020-03-31Allow choosing freecell game on command line HEAD masterC. McEnroe
2020-01-27Add 'cards/' from commit 'daf6fd1d716aad3c03b6dadbbd7a4b724acbfece'C. McEnroe
2020-01-27Remove cards submoduleC. McEnroe
2019-12-19Remove READMEC. McEnroe
2019-12-16Update submodule URLC. McEnroe
2019-12-15Use symlink for README.3C. McEnroe
2019-08-27Show game number in titleC. McEnroe
2019-08-27Replicate the FreeCell LCG and deal algorithmC. McEnroe
2019-08-26Move as deep a stack as possible to empty columnsC. McEnroe
2019-08-26Simplify card and stack function namesC. McEnroe