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bubger(1) is a mailing list archive generator for mail stored in IMAP. It produces static files of HTML, Atom and mboxrd, making its output easy to serve from a host without IMAP access. It requires the IMAP THREAD extension.

An example of its output can be seen at https://causal.agency/list/.

bubger requires , provided by either LibreTLS (for OpenSSL) or by LibreSSL. It targets FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS and Linux. On OpenBSD, it additionally requires .

make all
sudo make install

data structures and inline functions
main control flow
IMAP data structures
IMAP parsing
message structure parsing
content transfer decoding
string templating and escaping
Atom feed generation
HTML generation
mbox generation
message export
thread concatenation
SRV record lookup
default stylesheet

The upstream URL of this project is ⟨https://git.causal.agency/bubger⟩. Contributions in any form can be sent to <list+bubger@causal.agency>. For sending patches by email, see ⟨https://git-send-email.io⟩.

Monetary contributions can be donated via Liberapay.


June McEnroe, Mailing List, https://text.causal.agency/019-mailing-list.txt, March 4, 2021.

March 8, 2021 Causal Agency
McEnroe 2021-03-01Only prepend exec if command line doesn't contain ;&|()June McEnroe 2021-03-01Exit with EX_TEMPFAIL when watching filesJune McEnroe Reason being that if a file disappears and it takes longer for it to reappear than the default restart interval, the service would just get stopped. Treat an initially missing file the same as a file that gets deleted. 2021-02-27Add -d flag to catsit-watchJune McEnroe 2021-02-27Add -a to catsit-watchJune McEnroe 2021-02-25Add catsit-timer utilityJune McEnroe 2021-02-25Add catsit-watch utilityJune McEnroe 2021-02-01Drop pledge privileges after daemonization 1.2June McEnroe 2021-02-01Remove use of "%n"June McEnroe https://cvsweb.openbsd.org/src/lib/libc/stdio/vfprintf.c?rev=1.79&content-type=text/x-cvsweb-markup I think this is silly, as I've said elsewhere, and it's a shame because that was clearly the best way to write this. Oh well. 2021-02-01Check signals first in the loopJune McEnroe Signals need to be checked first in the loop to catch any that were delivered between setting up the signals handlers and entering the loop, i.e. in the time it takes to initially start each of the services. 2020-12-15Log a message when stopping a service waiting to restart 1.1June McEnroe It's a little annoying to have to special-case this, but otherwise there is no confirmation in the log that the restart won't still happen. 2020-11-10Refactor unveil calls so errors can be reported properlyJune McEnroe 2020-10-27Do not increment signalsJune McEnroe No need to do a read and a write... and it's declared volatile so maybe that's even worse? I don't even know, but there's no point. 2020-10-23Only look up group if one is namedJune McEnroe 2020-10-23Remove default defines of RUNDIR, ETCDIRJune McEnroe 2020-10-23Set shell scripts executable in buildJune McEnroe 2020-10-20Humanize milliseconds if interval is less than 1sJune McEnroe The intervals are configurable in milliseconds so humanize should be able to display at that precision. 2020-10-20Humanize restart intervalJune McEnroe 2020-08-17Document default catsit.conf location on OpenBSD 1.0June McEnroe 2020-08-17Template catsit script with RUNDIRJune McEnroe 2020-08-17Clean up includesJune McEnroe 2020-08-17Log service uptime in statusJune McEnroe