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* Add configure scriptJune McEnroe2020-11-28
* Set up Makefile for FreeBSDJune McEnroe2020-05-01
* Add install, uninstall targetsJune McEnroe2020-04-30
* Parse encoded-word and convert charsetsJune McEnroe2020-04-16
* Add decoding stubsJune McEnroe2020-04-14
* Move parseEnvelope to parse.cJune McEnroe2020-04-10
* Fetch thread root envelopes for concatJune McEnroe2020-04-10
* Move export code to export.cJune McEnroe2020-04-09
* Render Atom envelopesJune McEnroe2020-04-09
* Render basic HTML envelopes with templatingJune McEnroe2020-04-09
* Export mbox filesJune McEnroe2020-04-09
* Parse envelopesJune McEnroe2020-04-09
* Send FETCH for uncached UIDsJune McEnroe2020-04-09
* Implement login and UIDVALIDITY checkJune McEnroe2020-04-09