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* Fix decoding adjacent encoded-wordsC. McEnroe2021-06-10
* Simplify base64 tableC. McEnroe2020-11-29
* Fix bufferDest for when len requires more than cap * 2C. McEnroe2020-11-29
* Say OpenSSL in additional permission noticesC. McEnroe2020-11-28
* Add additional permission for linking with LibreSSLC. McEnroe2020-06-08
* Use a table to decode base64C. McEnroe2020-04-29
* Clean up decode.cC. McEnroe2020-04-27
* Use template system for paths and URLsC. McEnroe2020-04-20
* Add decodeToFileC. McEnroe2020-04-17
* Skip invalid characters in base64C. McEnroe2020-04-17
* Decode base64C. McEnroe2020-04-16
* Decode quoted-printable and 7bit/8bitC. McEnroe2020-04-16
* Decode Q encodingC. McEnroe2020-04-16
* Parse encoded-word and convert charsetsC. McEnroe2020-04-16
* Add decoding stubsC. McEnroe2020-04-14