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* Use SEARCH for a subset of thread rootsC. McEnroe2021-06-12
* Add imapIdleC. McEnroe2020-12-11
* Implement getservinfo for SRV lookupC. McEnroe2020-12-04
* Refactor IMAP structC. McEnroe2020-11-28
* Say OpenSSL in additional permission noticesC. McEnroe2020-11-28
* Add additional permission for linking with LibreSSLC. McEnroe2020-06-08
* Remove unused predefined atomsC. McEnroe2020-05-01
* Support continue responsesC. McEnroe2020-05-01
* Parse . as an atom on its ownC. McEnroe2020-04-14
* Build a list of body parts parallel to structureC. McEnroe2020-04-14
* Use two FILEs for IMAPC. McEnroe2020-04-13
* Fetch and parse BODYSTRUCTUREC. McEnroe2020-04-12
* Concatenate mbox threadsC. McEnroe2020-04-10
* Move extra atoms into the predefined enumC. McEnroe2020-04-10
* Refactor main loop state machineC. McEnroe2020-04-10
* Move export code to export.cC. McEnroe2020-04-09
* Send FETCH for uncached UIDsC. McEnroe2020-04-09
* Add IMAP parserC. McEnroe2020-04-09