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* Use reallocarray(3)June McEnroe2021-09-26
* Clean up includesJune McEnroe2020-08-17
* Add drop commandJune McEnroe2020-08-16
* Don't set LOGNAMEJune McEnroe2020-08-16
* Add privileged servicesJune McEnroe2020-08-16
* Add 126 to hardcoded stop exitsJune McEnroe2020-08-15
* Add reset interval after which restart interval is resetJune McEnroe2020-08-15
* Implement service statusJune McEnroe2020-08-15
* Parse control commandsJune McEnroe2020-08-15
* Read service pipesJune McEnroe2020-08-15
* Implement non-blocking line-buffered readingJune McEnroe2020-08-15
* Just use CLOCK_MONOTONIC and clean up includesJune McEnroe2020-08-15
* Reap childrenJune McEnroe2020-08-15
* Implement serviceSignal, serviceStop, serviceRestartJune McEnroe2020-08-14
* Switch to timespec for timeoutsJune McEnroe2020-08-14
* Implement serviceStartJune McEnroe2020-08-14
* Flesh out Service structJune McEnroe2020-08-14
* Build environment for servicesJune McEnroe2020-08-14
* Implement spawntab parsingJune McEnroe2020-08-14
* Implement user and group lookupJune McEnroe2020-08-14
* Add spawnd skeletonJune McEnroe2020-08-14