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IMBOX(1) General Commands Manual IMBOX(1)

imboxIMAP to mbox

imbox [-HUisvw] [-C cc] [-F from] [-M mailbox] [-S subject] [-T to] [-h host] [-m mailbox] [-p port] user

The imbox utility exports messages from an IMAP mailbox to the mboxrd format on standard output. Messages matching the criteria set by -CFSTU are exported.

IMAP over TLS without STARTTLS is assumed. IMAP login is performed as user with a password read from /dev/tty, or standard input if -w is used.

The arguments are as follows:

Export messages with matching Cc headers.
Export messages with matching From headers.
Export only the message headers.
Move matching messages to mailbox after exporting them.
Export messages with matching Subject headers.
Export messages with matching To headers.
Export only unseen messages.
Connect to IMAP on host. The default host is determined by SRV record lookup on the domain name of user, or simply the domain name if no SRV record exists.
If no messages initially match the criteria, wait for new messages using IMAP IDLE.
Export messages from mailbox. The default mailbox is INBOX.
Connect to IMAP on port. If the -h option is used, the default port is imaps (993). Otherwise, the port is determined in the same fashion as the host.
Mark exported messages as seen.
Log IMAP protocol to standard error.
Read the password from standard input.

imbox -T list+imbox@causal.agency june@causal.agency

git-am(1), git-fetch-email(1)

June McEnroe <june@causal.agency>

Send mail to <list+imbox@causal.agency> or join #ascii.town on irc.tilde.chat.

June 5, 2021 OpenBSD 7.1