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IMAP to mbox

imbox is a small TLS-only IMAP client intended for applying git patches without need of any other mail client. It requires LibreSSL (-ltls) and either dig(1) or drill(1) for automatic IMAP server configuration.

git-fetch-email is a wrapper modeled after git-send-email(1).

Build configuration can be written to config.mk. The install prefix of LibreSSL is set by LIBRESSL_PREFIX. The path of dig(1) or drill(1) can be set by defining the C preprocessor macro DIG_PATH or DRILL_PATH, respectively. The default is to set DRILL_PATH to /usr/bin/drill on FreeBSD and set DIG_PATH to dig everywhere else.

The upstream URL of this project is ⟨https://git.causal.agency/imbox⟩. I'm happy to receive contributions in any form at <june@causal.agency>. For sending patches by email, see ⟨https://git-send-email.io⟩.

git-fetch-email(1), imbox(1)
December 21, 2019 Causal Agency