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* Rename unscoop test flag to -!C. McEnroe2020-09-30
* Remove rc script 1.6C. McEnroe2020-08-27
* Use dataPath for dbFindC. McEnroe2020-08-20
* Import xdg.c from catgirlC. McEnroe2020-08-20
* Rewrite configure script for all platforms, add OpenBSDC. McEnroe2020-07-24
* Rewrite build and install like pounce 1.3C. McEnroe2020-05-20
* Use . as ${LDLIBS.$@} separatorC. McEnroe2020-04-20
* Only set RCS on FreeBSDC. McEnroe2020-04-05
* Check unscoop regexps with make testC. McEnroe2020-04-05
* Replace .mk files with configure scriptC. McEnroe2020-03-02
* Add FreeBSD rc scriptC. McEnroe2020-01-11
* Import getopt_config from pounceC. McEnroe2020-01-04
* Add install and uninstall targetsC. McEnroe2020-01-01
* Add initial rough version of scoopC. McEnroe2019-12-30
* Link litterbox with -ltlsC. McEnroe2019-12-16
* Add basic unscoop import toolC. McEnroe2019-12-05
* Rename header file to database.hC. McEnroe2019-12-01
* Implement database file searchC. McEnroe2019-12-01