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tag name1.3 (59104a5abd6c04477ab3a5bca5f414dfd51ac1f3)
tag date2020-05-22 16:50:20 -0400
tagged byC. McEnroe <june@causal.agency>
tagged objectcommit e2e940b9a8...
Version 1.3
This release disables sorting scoop results by default, resulting in
faster queries and less memory usage. The scoop -s flag now turns on
sorting, and the -g and -l flags imply -s. The flag to run the sqlite3
shell for the database has moved to -S.

Queries generated by scoop are now smaller and more efficient, able to
take advantage of indexes other than FTS, should any be created.
However, no new indexes are created by default, due to the storage space

Future database migrations will be automatically applied by restarting

The configure script is no longer used on FreeBSD, and rc scripts are
now templated with PREFIX. The install target no longer compresses
manual pages.

When upgrading, config.mk should be removed on FreeBSD and ./configure
should be re-run elsewhere. Compressed versions of the old manual pages
should be removed by running make uninstall in the previous version, or
by removing litterbox.1.gz, scoop.1.gz and unscoop.1.gz manually.