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masterReplace freenode with tilde.chatC. McEnroe15 months
1.3notemap-1.3.tar.gz  notemap-1.3.zip  C. McEnroe20 months
1.2notemap-1.2.tar.gz  notemap-1.2.zip  C. McEnroe22 months
1.1notemap-1.1.tar.gz  notemap-1.1.zip  C. McEnroe2 years
1.0notemap-1.0.tar.gz  notemap-1.0.zip  C. McEnroe3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-05-19Replace freenode with tilde.chat HEAD masterC. McEnroe
2020-12-18Fix README formatting typo 1.3C. McEnroe
2020-12-18Rewrite main loop linearlyC. McEnroe
2020-12-16Remove dig dependency from READMEC. McEnroe
2020-12-16Add git-notemap wrapperC. McEnroe
2020-12-16Take username as a required positional argumentC. McEnroe
2020-12-15Reformat STANDARDS sectionC. McEnroe
2020-12-15Add DNS and SRV RFCs to STANDARDSC. McEnroe
2020-12-15Remove dependency on dig/drillC. McEnroe
2020-12-15Add -lresolv on macOS, LinuxC. McEnroe