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* Remove svn keywords HEAD masterC. McEnroe6 days
* Update catgirl to 1.7C. McEnroe2021-03-24
* Import irc/catgirl from ports svnC. McEnroe2021-03-24
* Update catgirl to 1.6C. McEnroe2021-02-09
* Update pounce to 2.3C. McEnroe2021-02-08
* Update scooper to 1.1C. McEnroe2021-01-17
* Update catgirl to 1.5 (BONUS WEBISODE)C. McEnroe2021-01-17
* Update litterbox to 1.7C. McEnroe2021-01-15
* Update pounce to 2.2C. McEnroe2021-01-15
* Update catgirl to 1.4C. McEnroe2021-01-15
* Update pounce to 2.1p1C. McEnroe2020-12-15
* Update pounce to 2.1C. McEnroe2020-11-24
* Update catgirl to 1.3C. McEnroe2020-11-17
* Update catgirl to 1.2C. McEnroe2020-09-10
* Add pounce-palaver portC. McEnroe2020-09-09
* Update pounce to 2.0C. McEnroe2020-09-09
* Update litterbox to 1.6C. McEnroe2020-09-09
* Add scooper portC. McEnroe2020-08-23
* Update pounce to 1.4p2C. McEnroe2020-08-13
* Update pounce to 1.4p1C. McEnroe2020-08-11
* Add litterbox portC. McEnroe2020-08-10
* Add missing USES=pkgconfig to pounceC. McEnroe2020-08-10
* Update pounce to 1.4C. McEnroe2020-08-07
* Update catgirl to 1.1p1C. McEnroe2020-08-06
* Add catgirl portC. McEnroe2020-08-06
* Add pounce portC. McEnroe2020-08-06