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masterOpenBSD: switch ports MASTER_SITES=>SITES for 7.4Kusoneko4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2024-03-21OpenBSD: switch ports MASTER_SITES=>SITES for 7.4 HEAD masterKusoneko
2023-07-10OpenBSD: Add net/bubgerJune McEnroe
2022-12-23FreeBSD: Update litterbox to 1.9June McEnroe
2022-05-17OpenBSD: Update cgit-pink to 1.4.1June McEnroe
2022-05-15OpenBSD: Update cgit-pink to 1.4.0June McEnroe
2022-04-05OpenBSD: Add pounce-palaver portJune McEnroe
2022-04-05OpenBSD: Add pounce-notify portJune McEnroe
2022-04-05OpenBSD: sync pounce port with upstreamJune McEnroe
2022-02-14FreeBSD: Remove top-level MakefileJune McEnroe
2022-02-14FreeBSD: Update pounce-notify to 3.0June McEnroe