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@@ -27,6 +27,10 @@ Prices obviously change,
 by which I mean they inevitably go up,
 but I'm gonna give the amounts I paid
 in 2021\(en2022.
+Also if you want more details
+about any of this
+please email me.
+I will be happy to tell you all about it.
 .Ss Medication
 I get HRT through
@@ -65,21 +69,27 @@ for my current prescription
 on the public plan.
 .Ss Hair removal
-I've gotten laser hair removal treatments
-at Dermamode with Audrey.
-They're very nice there.
-The initial consultation was over the phone.
-I paid $1350 for 6 treatments,
-in two installments
-at the first and second appointments,
-plus the ~$200 tax on that
-before the first appointment,
-I think.
-It hasn't gone well for me so far,
-but I'm hoping it will
-now that my testosterone levels
-have dropped.
-I will report back.
+I tried laser hair removal,
+for longer than I should have.
+It was a waste of time and money.
+Do not believe any arguments about
+its convenience over electrolysis.
+I've started getting electrolysis done
+with Dimi.
+feel free to email me for contact info.
+He is very good and can do long sessions.
+I really don't find it very painful,
+which I think is partly my own pain tolerance
+and partly good equipment and skill.
+I've also found that taking acetaminophen beforehand
+and dressing warmly to keep my body relaxed help.
+I've paid $85 for hour-long sessions
+and $160 for two-hour sessions.
+I'm still early in treatment,
+but I'm really happy with the results so far!
 .Ss Sex & name change
 The form for this is
@@ -101,7 +111,8 @@ so I made a donation to P10.
 I paid $144 to file mine
-but it's now $148.
+but it's now FREE
+the first time you do it.
 Also $17 to mail it.
 I got an acknowledgment letter
@@ -121,10 +132,12 @@ a week later.
 It takes another 30 days
 to get the certificate of change,
 after which you can
-order a new birth certificate.
-In all it took about 3 months
+order a new birth certificate
+and RAMQ will (slowly) send you a form
+to get a new card.
+In all it took about 4 months
 from when I mailed the application
-to receiving the certificate of change.
+to having ID with my name on it.
 .Ss Therapy
 I'm not seeking therapy
@@ -134,6 +147,17 @@ that's aware of it.
 I'll update this
 if I find one.
+.Ss Piercings
+Ok I know this isn't trans-specific
+but at least for me getting piercings
+was gender-affirming.
+Cuz I got nipple piercings lol.
+I went to Mauve.
+They're super nice,
+really know what they're doing,
+and their website has lots of info.
 .An june Aq Mt