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backportRe-create help pageC. McEnroe17 months
v2Call cap_enter in client and serverC. McEnroe18 months
daemonOnly use pidfile(3) on FreeBSDC. McEnroe19 months
ansiDump HELP_DATA with client -hC. McEnroe21 months
v1Fix color pairs once and for allC. McEnroe22 months
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2019-12-19Remove READMEHEADmasterC. McEnroe
2019-12-15Update git URLsC. McEnroe
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2019-07-27Make copyright headers consistentC. McEnroe
2019-07-08Remove NetHack from indexC. McEnroe
2019-04-08Don't install rc.kfcgi eitherC. McEnroe
2019-03-28Remove rc.kfcgiC. McEnroe
2019-01-16Reformat index.html with explore linkC. McEnroe
2019-01-16Return false from keydown handler in exploreC. McEnroe