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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSupport reading gzipped data in mergeJune McEnroe3 years
cgiAdd play to index.htmlJune McEnroe6 years
backportRe-create help pageJune McEnroe6 years
v2Call cap_enter in client and serverJune McEnroe6 years
daemonOnly use pidfile(3) on FreeBSDJune McEnroe6 years
ansiDump HELP_DATA with client -hJune McEnroe6 years
v1Fix color pairs once and for allJune McEnroe6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-12-22Support reading gzipped data in merge HEAD masterJune McEnroe
2021-12-01DecayJune McEnroe
2021-10-17Remove capsicum supportJune McEnroe
2021-10-17Build chroot only for OpenBSD, remove rc scriptJune McEnroe
2021-09-28Fix backspace on OpenBSDJune McEnroe
2021-09-27Handle KCGI_EXIT gracefullyJune McEnroe
2021-09-27Call msync(2) after modifying tilesJune McEnroe
2021-09-27Copy CSVs to web directory from snapshot.shJune McEnroe
2021-09-27Extract chroot.tar with -p, install to WEBROOTJune McEnroe
2021-09-26OpenBSD: Copy appropriate files for chrootJune McEnroe